Natural Hair care routine for kids

The autumn season is here and the kids are back in school in many parts of the world and parents are busy with school schedule, children’s extra curricular activities etc. It is also the time when our children’s hair requires much attention. 

How to keep it moisturized all week? What products do I need to care for my child’s hair? How do we go through the detangling session without heartaches? How do I maintain their hairstyles for a few weeks without having to redo every day?

Taking care of kids’ hair shouldn’t be a chore but a bonding time between kids and parents.  It all starts with an established routine. However, the question is: how do I create a routine for my kid’s natural hair?

Children do not need an extensive hair regimen like adults. However, as children go through various growing phases, their hair needs will change. If the products you were using on your baby’s curls stop working lately, then it is time to switch to new products. As they grow, kids hair needs a lot of moisture especially during the winter months where curls are prone to dryness and breakage. You will need to choose products according to hair texture, porosity, density  and environmental factors (living in a warm and humid vs dry and cold climate).

Here is a simple routine to follow to keep your kids mane hydrated, moisturized, soft and manageable.

Shampooing your child’s natural hair

There are tea-free shampoos for children under the ages of 5. However, most kids under 5 years do not really need shampoo. Children from 5 years and above are very active and they sweat a lot and it is important to shampoo their scalp and hair to keep it clean so as to avoid scalp fungus, eczema and other scalp issues. You can also use gentle shampoos designed for kids which are also known as tea-free shampoo. 

Use a microfiber towel on your child’s hair  or a cotton T-shirt which are gentler on natural hair.

Conditioning your child’s natural hair

Apply a good rinse out conditioner on your kids hair to detangle those stubborn single strand knots. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb as they are excellent for detangling hair while minimizing any potential damage or use a detangling brush. My daughter prefers the tangle teezer brush as it is gentle on her scalp and makes the detangling session work like a breeze.

Tangle teezer brush

It is important to use your fingers when you encounter stubborn knots in your child’s hair. Yanking through the knots can cause breakage and damage to their already fragile strands.

Since children can wear low maintenance protective styles for 2 to 3 weeks or in long term protective styles, I recommend a deep conditioning once a month. The key here is to keep it simple as you may not have enough time. 

Imagine having to take care of two or three heads of curls in one day!

Detangling your child’s natural hair

Applying a double-duty leave-in conditioner. By double duty I mean a leave-in that serves as a conditioner and a detangler at the same time to reduce your labor time.

Detangling your child’s hair is the most important part of your child’s hair care routine. Most children have a tender scalp and detangling sessions can be a nightmare for both parents and children. Detangling my daughter’s thick and long curly hair can be heart-wrenching at times! Having a good and powerful detangling product is key.

Here is my selection of detangling products that work magic on your kid’s curls, coils and kinks.

Aunt jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy

Aunt Jackie’s Knot Havin’ It – Leave-In Ultimate Detangling Moisturizer

Marshmallow root and slippery elm detangler

You can purchase your Marshmallow root and slippery elm powder here.

Pre-pooing your child’s hair with an oil like avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil will help reduce tangles and knots and ease the detangling. Coconut oil is known to prevent protein loss in the hair. Thus protecting hair from breaking from roots to strands. 

Some people prefer to pre-poo with pure Aloe Vera, since this wonderful plant works as a natural conditioner for hair, combats dandruff and strengthens the hair.

I pre-poo my daughter’s hair with Extra Virgin olive oil or cold pressed avocado oil.

Styling your child’s natural hair

Applying butters on your child’s hair before applying styling products such as mousse and/ or gels as these can dry their hair. For those using curling creams or custard, make sure they contain a good amount of emollients and humectants that keep natural hair hydrated and moisturized.

Protective styles are your child’s best friends. However, make sure to avoid tight hairstyles and keeping styles in for too long (maximum 8 weeks). Too much tension on your child’s scalp can lead to excessive breakage and alopecia.




Children need a nighttime routine too for their hair. By protecting your child’s hair at night you will avoid breakage and thinning edges.

Don’t forget to protect their hair with a satin scarf or use a silk pillowcase especially for kids who style their hair in wash n go. 

Remove any hair accessories such as bows, barrettes, or ties that could create knots and tangles or pull at your child’s hair. Moisturize your child’s hair and seal with an oil of choice before rebraiding or retwisting the hair. 

Children have a sensitive scalp so it is best to minimize heat on their natural hair to avoid damage and dryness.

Tips to remember

A good diet rich in vitamins, minerals will contribute to your child’s hair growth. Make sure your child eats a lot of protein, vegetables and fruits. Encourage them to drink alot of water instead of soda and sugary drinks

Remember to apply the KISS method ( Keep It Safe and Simple) when it comes to your kids hair .

I hope you will find this article helpful in creating a hair care routine for your little ones.

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