Founder and CEO


At the heart of Denaturelle are specially crafted formulations from all natural and certified organic ingredients aimed at providing hair growth solutions to women and men of color. Inspired by the French word for ‘something natural’,  Denaturelle was created by Evado Arfs, a mother of two who was desperate for a solution to her hair loss after suffering from alopecia for three years. What was initially a “DIY fix” for her edges and thinning hair, turned out to be a great help for her as well as her friends and family. She then decided to help other women and men restore their hair from hair loss. With a proprietary blend of botanical ingredients coupled with certified organic natural oils, Denaturelle products contain ingredients targeted at penetrating the scalp while stimulating hair follicles, optimizing hair growth, and promoting healthy hair. Denaturelle seeks to empower women and men to embrace their natural hair and feel confident.


       Denaturelle is a brand that is conscious about the environment. Helps us protect the environment and choose recyclable packaging.