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Have you ever heard that natural hair does not grow or cannot be long? Do you feel like your hair is always dry and breaks easily? Have you heard that taking care of natural hair is tedious?

Yeah! We have all been down that road where we want to just throw in the towel and go back to the relaxers. But hold on! Before you decide to go back I have some tips for you.

On the outward our natural hair looks bigger and stronger but it is the weakest and is easily prone to breakage. Therefore, gaining and maintaining healthy natural hair is a constant hassle.

The health of your hair is more important than the length of your hair. Taking care of your hair will require you some efforts. First, keep in mind that Your hair is the crown of your beauty. As such how you nurture your beauty crown (hair) affects your looks and confidence. Are you ready to put the glow in your natural hair?

Here are my tips for you for a healthy hair journey:

1. Wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Shampoos that contain sulfates strip your hair of its natural oil, therefore contributing to dryness and breakage. Shampooing your hair helps you get rid of product buildup so that you can start with a clean fresh hair.

2. Use natural products. There are so many brands on the market that sell products that are not natural or have misleading labels with dangerous chemicals. Using products made with natural ingredients such as natural oils and butters will contribute to healthy hair.

3. Take vitamins. Yes, vitamins provide the needed nutrients to your hair. For example, people who are anaemic, have a lack of iron/iron deficiency and this can affect the health of their hair. Likewise, women who have experienced postpartum shedding need to take vitamins that contain biotin (vitamin B7) to restore hair growth.

4. Avoid using heat on your hair. I cannot emphasize on it more! Limit the use of flat irons and blow dryers especially if you have fine hair or hair that easily breaks. It is better to allow your hair to air dry. If you still want to use heat to dry your hair, do it sparingly and use a blow dryer on cool settings.

5. Build a hair care regimen. Your regimen does not have to be complicated because less is more. Your regimen could be as follows: shampoo, rinse out conditioner (optional), deep conditioner, moisturize and style. This can be done weekly.  

6. Use satin, silk scarf or silk pillowcase when you are sleeping. If you have long curly hair, do not forget the pineapple method. Protecting your curls overnight with this method, will save your curls from being squashed in the morning. Please check this link to learn about the pineapple method

7. Use protective styles sparingly. Protective styles such as mini twists, box braids, cornrows, crochet braids, wigs and weave-on are good because they help you grow your hair. But if worn for too long can increase hair breakage and lead to thinning hair and edges as well as traction alopecia.

8. Trim the ends of your hair often because split ends can decelerate hair growth.

9. Stretch your hair. If your hair is prone to single strand knot especially if you have 4b and 4c hair type, stretching your hair is of great help.

10. Keep your natural hair moisturized. Water, water and water this is what our hair need the most and don’t forget to seal in that moisture with oils and butters. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

11. Deep condition at least once a week especially if your hair is prone to dryness or if you like coloring your hair (those hair dyes can dry your hair!). For those of us living in countries with harsh winters, deep conditioning is vital.

12. Keep your hands off your hair. If you have hand in hair syndrome like me you might want to think twice as this can thwart growth.

13. Exercise, yes you heard me right! Exercise helps to increase blood flow to your scalp therefore promoting growth.

14. Eat foods rich in vitamins C, zinc, iron such as fruits and vegetables and foods rich in healthy fats such as omega 3s, olive oil,

15. And finally, love your God-given hair because all hair is good and there is no magic wand for growing hair, just some goodwill and effort.

I hope these few tips will help and encourage you in your natural hair journey. Please leave your questions and comments below.

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